Camera Ready Instructions

Camera ready submissions are managed electronically through Microsoft CMT.

See below how to prepare and submit camera ready papers. Don’t hesitate to contact the program chairs (sustainit2017_gpc [at] m-iti [dot] org) if you have any issues uploading the camera-ready version or problems with the template, etc.

Maximum Number of Pages and Deadlines

Paper Type Page Limit Extra Pages (*) Deadline
Full Paper 8 2 November, 10, AoE
Short Paper 5 1 November, 10, AoE
Work-in-Progress 3 1 November, 10, AoE
Demo 2 1 November, 10, AoE
Creative and Artistic Interventions 2 1 November, 10, AoE
PhD Forum 3 0 November, 10, AoE

(*): Additional pages may be purchased at a cost of 50 EUR per page, to be paid with your conference registration.

Instructions for preparing and submitting camera-ready manuscripts:

(1) Prepare your final manuscript

  • Your final submission must use the IEEE Conference MS Word or LatTeX templates. Make sure to use letter format with 10pt fonts, double-column style.
    • LaTeX users should use
    • Word users should use the US letter template version.
  • Please check that your submission adheres to the set page limit for your type of submission (as shown in the above table).
  • Add the following Copyright Notice at the bottom of the first page of each paper: 978-3-901882-99-9 ©2017 IFIP
    • LaTeX users can do this via
      \AddToShipoutPicture*{\small \sffamily\raisebox{1.3cm}{\hspace{1.9cm}978-3-901882-99-9 \copyright2017 IFIP}}

      In the document preamble. Please make also sure that you are only using Type 1 fonts, i.e., you are using
      in your preamble.
    • Word users can create a text box and fill in the copyright text using a standard sans serif font family (Arial / Verdana) in 9pt font size.

(2) Check Microsoft CMT author list and abstract

  • Authors should make sure that abstract and co-authors in the final manuscript perfectly match the information included in Microsoft CMT.

(3) Get the final paper approved by IEEE Xplore PDF eXpress

  • Go to
  • If you are first time user, you need to register first.
  • Login to the site using conference ID “42427X” and your email address and password.
  • Make your final manuscript PDF compatible with IEEE Xplore.
  • You will get an email from pdf-eXpress, with the results of the compatibility test. Don’t forget to check the junk mail if you do not receive an email within the next couple of hours.

(4) Complete the copyright form for SustainIT 2017

  • The copyrights of the SustainIT 2017 proceedings are hold by IFIP, as such, authors are required to transfer the copyright of their accepted papers to IFIP.
    • Please note that SustainIT 2017 authors retain the right to modify and re-use their own work as they wish.
  • Fill in the copyright form and sign it.
  • If you have multiple papers accepted, prepare a separate form for each accepted paper.
  • Scan the form into a PDF.

(5) Submit approved paper PDF and Copyright form via Microsoft CMT

  • Upload the IEEE Xplore approved file, and a scan of the copyright form via Microsoft CMT.

(6) Register to the Conference

Camera ready submission implies the willingness of at least one author to attend the conference and present the paper. See more in the conference registration page.

SustainIT 2017 organizers reserve the right to exclude a paper from distribution after the conference if the paper is not presented at the conference.